Ivana Ognjanovac


by Josipa Bubaš

Self-portraits by Ivana Ognjanovac reflect the transformative process of emergence from extinction. They reflect an intense and intuitive approach to identity, awareness of the instability of the same and the need for destruction in order to create. Pencil and ink drawings are rather rough scrapings, exposing the old, the unnecessary, the completed. Collages, like ghosts, seem to emerge out of the primordial amorphous mass as if they’re taking shapes before our very eyes. The rhythm of amplitudes is intense – the pattern is always the same: the face of an artist looking towards the within, permeable and allowing. The fallen pieces of the self are taking various forms, and the artist is pulling them through various drawing procedures that reflect the multiplicity of codes, states and potentials. Old layers are scraped of the paper, exposed and disposed. The new that is emerging is just a possibility to be met yet, to be allowed to come to life. The cycle of disappearance and emergence is one of eternal movement, immanent instability and life and identity that seeks its way towards transformation. Thus it takes its organic, natural path. Ognjanovac delves deep into herself, towards that within where death of the old and birth of the new are taking place simultaneously and at the same time consistently, uncompromisingly and with full awareness exposes herself to the process of shifting the layers, without fear of releasing the old and the new birth.

(Essay is published in the exhibition catalogue, Ivana Ognjanovac ''DISAPPEARING/APPEARING'' at Oblok Gallery in Zagreb 2014)